Laser Surgery

Laser Surgery Q & A

What is laser eye surgery?

Laser eye surgery uses the intense focused energy of specially-designed laser devices to treat a wide range of vision problems to help patients achieve clearer vision. Most type of laser eye surgery work by reshaping the eye to make it easier for images to be formed on the retina. For instance, in eyes where the cornea, the clear coating in the front of the eye, is especially steep, laser surgery can reduce the steepness so light is refracted correctly at the back of the eye where images are formed. One of the most common and most popular types of laser eye surgery is laser in-situ keratomileusis, or LASIK.

What types of laser eye surgery are available?

There are several different kinds of laser eye surgery, including LASIK, PRK and RK. Each surgery treats different types of vision problems, including patients with low, moderate and severe myopia. Each surgery also has a specific risk profile. Dr. Vaughn will help determine which surgery is the best choice for your needs and your risk profile.

I've heard LASIK can eliminate the need for corrective eyewear. Is that true?

LASIK can reduce or eliminate the need for eyewear in many people, but other patients may still need to wear glasses for specific tasks. Still others may require glasses all the time following surgery. Your outcome depends on lots of factors, including your eye health, your vision before surgery, the skill of your doctor and many other risk factors.

Is laser surgery safe?

Yes; many studies have shown that laser eye surgery is safe and effective for correcting many types of vision problems. Laser surgeries have been performed for decades, and long-term data show the results persist for many years following treatment.

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